WHAT WE DO:  ORGANIZEAL is a Professional Organizing service helping people declutter their homes and offices all over the greater Los Angeles area.  At ORGANIZEAL we believe that our living and working spaces are reflections of our inner-space.  By creating harmony in our outer environments, we free up time and revitalize our mental and emotional energies.

WHY WE ORGANIZE: Our living and working spaces can inspire us, instill a sense of peace, and bring us joy.  But the accelerated pace of life has made it difficult for many to successfully manage the "stuff". If your things are interfering with your life or creating chaos, a professional organizing service can help reclaim your space.

HOW WE CAN HELP:  At ORGANIZEAL we support and encourage you through the process of organizing your life.  We work with individuals, families and businesses to eliminate clutter and create new systems that keep your space clear and functional .  In addition to helping you with your immediate organizing needs, we equip you with the knowledge and resources to continue living organized in sustainable harmony with your life and the planet.


I’d give six stars out of five, if I could! I can’t even begin to describe the lasting positive effect that working with Jesyka has had on my entire life. It is the best money I have ever spent on myself. Period. I’ve been riddled with shame for much of my life because of my excess stuff and “messiness”. Jesyka could not have been more understanding, patient or gentle, all the while a consummate professional.

I not only learned lasting techniques about how to manage my belongings and paper going forward, I learned things about myself that helped to improve my self-esteem and self-confidence. The difference in my living space is nothing short of a miracle, and I couldn’t have done it without Jesyka’s compassionate support and direction.

Don’t hesitate for one more minute! CALL HER NOW!
— Hilary, Los Angeles
You don’t realize the amount of excess you have in your life until the day you decide to go through all of your possessions. Consciously removing unneeded and unnecessary “stuff” is not only therapeutic, it also clears mental space. For years I accumulated things that I didn’t have the heart to let go of, so I kept it and shoved it in a drawer, put it in the closet or worst of all just let it sit somewhere in the open to collect dust. It was difficult at first to admit that I needed help, but Jesyka was very patient with me and explained the mental blocks I was encountering when confronting removing a particular physical object from my life. I was shocked to realize the power that objects had over me, even if I hadn’t used or seen the item in years. It’s an extremely liberating process and something you feel right away, because Jesyka knew exactly when to push me and when to give me a break. She explains why we hang on to certain things and why it is important for us to make conscious decisions to remove excess from our lives. Our consumerist society bleeds us of our self and we are made to feel that by filling the void with material possessions, it will make us whole. It’s a vicious cycle and before you know you are living in a pile of stuff, 99% of which contributes nothing to your joy. With Jesyka’s help my eyes have been opened, my external space has been healed and most importantly my mind has more room for growth.
— Rick, Los Angeles CA
Jesyka has what can only be described as a sixth sense when it comes to organizing and her enthusiasm is infectious. She didn’t just help us organize our house, she improved the quality of our lives. As a working Mom managing friends and family, the daily housework can be neglected. Drawers and closets are a mess and you can’t find anything. In the process of organizing our home, it seemed as though Jesyka actually realigned and freed up the energy flow and by the time she was done, we felt a burden had been lifted.”
— Ashley, Las Vegas NV
Over the years, I think we forgot how simple life was before we started accumulating so much stuff and storing up “treasures.” Jesyka reminded us that sometimes it is the “empty spaces” which help us to function in a healthy way. I think we came away from this experience with a new perspective on some pretty crystallized and disorganized habit patterns.

Jesyka combines organizational expertise with sensitivity and compassion. She has a keen eye for how best to dismantle and reorganize—from digitizing records and photos to reducing the clutter and setting up new and efficient systems. We felt supported and comfortable working with her every step of the way and we also felt reassured that we could go at our own speed. Overall, we gained a whole lot more than simply a beautifully organized living space. We gained valuable insights and the inspiration to keep the momentum going even after she was finished.
— Vickie, Burlington VT
Jesyka worked on my apartment when we were both in New York. What I love about her approach is that she appreciates your individual style. Her goal isn’t to create an unsustainable, cookie-cutter version of your home, but to help you edit your home in a way that puts the spotlight on the things you love and clears out the excess that you were afraid to let go of... And the excess that was that was creating unnecessary stress in your life. I’d say that that is the best part about Jesyka’s approach to organizing: she wants you to be happier and less stressed in your home. She is relentlessly energetic, compassionate, and no nonsense—which is particularly useful when you know that you want to be more organized and de-cluttered, but you just don’t know how to get there. She’s amazing.
— Brigid, Washington D.C.
I had the unique experience of not only working with Jesyka, but also living with her. It gave me a deeper understanding of how living organized benefits your life overall and how special her skills really are. It’s not just about keeping your home neat or tidy; it’s also about keeping every aspect of your life in balance and flow. Jes understands the connection between organizing your physical things and your mental-emotional space.
— Melissa, Los Angeles CA